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The Afro-Descendant Working Group was created in 2010 and is composed of scholars; including graduate students, faculty members, and post-docs, as well as community leaders and social activists that are committed to advancing research on people of African descent throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. As an inter-institutional and transnational group, the Working Group organizes research presentations, workshops, and other activities aimed at supporting these goals. The Conference hosted in 2010, which gave origin to this group, brought together scholars from across the region to discuss the ways in which inequality has shaped the lives of Afro Descendants in Latin America. One of the outcomes of this conference was the edition of the book by Bernd Reiter and Kimberly Eison Simmons: Afrodescendants, Identity, and the Struggle for Development in the Americas, which contains many of the papers presented at the conference. We hope that you will join us as we bring presenters to campus, create a supportive space for graduate students to discuss their research, and collaborate with our efforts to produce research that highlights the current status of people of African descent in Latin America


Interview forthcoming:.